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How long does it take to typeset my book?

Your book can take anywhere from 1-8 weeks depending on a number of things. We pride ourselves in exceptional quality and give your book the time it requires to be GREAT. Below I have anal

A fictional book generally has less elements to it and will be faster to produce. Non-fiction generally require a higher level of design work which can take longer.

Your wordcount will make a difference as longer books will take longer to format and longer for checks to be made both by ourselves and by you.

If your book contains images, illustrations, graphics or photos then these take longer to format and sometimes require editing or redrawing prior to including in your book.

If we are also designing your cover, this too will also impact the length of time it takes to complete your book. A supplied image may shorten the time it takes finding the right image but may not speed up the design process itself. Multiple images that require blending together will take more time. The addition of French Flaps will also require added time for design work.

A manuscript supplied in a typed document will be faster to typeset than one which requires copy typing prior to formatting.

To get an estimate of how long your book will take to format and design, please call or email us.

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