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What is typesetting?

Typesetting is like choreographing a dance for your text, where fonts and formatting come together in perfect rhythm, ensuring they captivate your audience. Just as a skilled choreographer knows how to combine different steps and movements, a typesetter knows how to select fonts, adjust spacing, and arrange elements to create a visually stunning composition. It’s about finding the right balance to make your text flow seamlessly and engage readers in a captivating performance which leaves them begging for an encore!

Traditionally, typesetting was done manually by typesetters who would arrange individual metal or wooden type pieces onto a composing stick. These composed elements were then used to create printing plates for the printing press.

Today, typesetting is typically done using desktop publishing software. With the skills of a typesetter, this software is used to select, change and incorporate:

  • fonts (typefaces)
  • font styles
  • line spacing
  • kerning
  • paragraph alignment
  • add drop caps
  • graphics and images

Great typesetting can handle everything from single flowing stories to complex layouts and multi-column designs to create a publication which is presented in an aesthetically pleasing and organised manner.

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