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What should I include in my blurb?

Your book’s blurb can include anything you want, though we recommend keeping it as short as possible – 200 words or less.

A blurb is a short promotional piece of writing that appears on the back cover of your book. It is designed to provide an enticing description of your book to capture the attention of potential readers. It is also known as the back cover copy.

Typically, a blurb includes a concise summary of the content, highlighting the main plot, characters, or themes, while generating interest and curiosity. It may also feature positive reviews or endorsements from notable individuals or publications to further enhance its appeal.

Items you may wish to include:

  • A few words describing your book so the reader knows what to expect to see inside – this should hook the reader and add intrigue but not give too much away about your book

  • An extract from your book which gives an impression of the mood of your book and your writing style

  • A quote of praise from an early reader of your book or from a reader of an earlier book – particularly if the quote comes from a famous person or an expert in the same field as your book or is from a retuable source (such as a newspaper, periodical or magazine) – include multiple quotes if you want – a short, snappy, attention grabbing quote can also appear on your front cover

  • If your book is autobiographical in nature, you may wish to include a short autobiography – however, if not, information about yourself as the author might be better inside your book

  • If your book is a part of the series, tell your reader about this series and where this new book sits within that series

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